Tollie Jones
Tollie Jones is a man of above-average height, average looks, and slightly sub-par carpentry skills. His comedic skills rank somewhere between his looks and his height. Tollie has garnered critical acclaim throughout downtown Birmingham as his alter egos, Horny Harry (the self-proclaimed Horniest Man in America) and "Good Times" Fellatio McNarrin (a manic-depressive lounge singer whose only flaw is an addiction to "good times." And opium). He also writes and performs original stand-up comedy material on topics ranging from John Malkovich to anti-depressants. Also, punctuation marks. Sometimes, professional wrestling.

Tollie got his start in comedy with the Birmingham-based troupe Critical Works. Their films, often produced in a "guerilla"-esque fashion, were regularly featured in the Sidewalk Film Festival, and their 2008 short film Donkey Fountain (with Tollie at the helm) won an Alabama Citation for Excellence. He can also be found as a regular on Birmingham's stand-up stages, hosting the show Free the Laughs and performing in Fresh Ground Comics and ComicKaze!, among others.

Tollie is not the tallest person in the cast.
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