Reid Luccasen
Reid Luccasen is another Birmingham native, raised to such adulthood as he has attained in Vestavia Hills. His introduction to comedy came early in the form of classic television, with Dick Van Dyke, Lucille Ball, Mr. Ed, and Sanford (and Son) providing heavy influence. He was immediately drawn to Comedy Central as soon as it became available and claims that he got a better education from late-night reruns of Saturday Night Live, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and various standup acts than he did from school, a fact that should scare you, because he has a driver's license and a job at a bank.

Reid attended Auburn University (which doesn't make him a bad person) and there began writing jokes, which he first performed during a summer break from Auburn. His first minute-and-a-half at standup got him hooked, and he began writing everything from skits, sketches, and plays to poems and novels. He graduated with a degree in Human Resources Management, which isn't funny. When not performing, Reid pursues philosophy, psychology, music, and art, which also isn't funny.
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