Nat Bonner
Nat Bonner is a recent graduate of Birmingham-Southern College, where she spent the majority of her time as a theatre vampire. (This means that she got no sunlight and was up at all hours. No associations with Twilight or any of its companion novels should be assumed.) Her two loves-—performance and literature—have shared a longstanding relationship, married by her inability to choose between them. Nat works as a freelance writer in Birmingham and as editor of Atlanta-based modeling magazine Shooterfoto. She also stars nightly at Birmingham's Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery as "Waitress Who Would Never Intentionally Dump a Heineken on Your Crotch, She Promises."

Nat's side interests include special-effects makeup (generally of the gory horror-film variety), modeling, reading, and writing. Her goals for the coming year are to write a book, buy a Great Dane, and not intentionally dump a Heineken on that guy's crotch. Promise.
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