Mike Cunliffe
Mike Cunliffe grew up an Air Force brat, living all over the world as a child and being exposed to all types of exotic people, cultures, and customs. He spent the next 17 years in Elmore County, where he was exposed to none of those things. In college, Mike got involved in theatre as an opportunity to meet girls and an excuse to wear the occasional dress. Seven years later, he entered the cutthroat world of local television advertising in Montgomery, where he wrote, directed, shot, edited, and voiced literally hundreds of ads for people who wouldn't be recognized outside of Montgomery. In 2002, he made his way to Los Angeles, where he worked as a location scout for such films as The Aviator (good), Mr. Woodcock (not so good), and the 2005 bowling classic Strike! starring megastar Tara Reid (godawful).

In 2008, Mike was drawn back to Birmingham by the promise of more money for less work. He returned to his roots in improv comedy, performing with the Extemporaneous Theatre Company (ETC). He also works as a video editor in the hope that his long-range goal of winning the Georgia lottery will come to pass and he can go off and make his own movies or become a professional superhero.

Mike is taller than Tollie.
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