Michael McCall
Michael McCall was raised in Grayson Valley, Alabama, which doesn't make him a Birmingham native so don't let him tell you it does. A former professional wrestling manager and announcer (under the identities of the Professor #2—the world's first masked manager—and Mike Powers), he made his transition into comedy in 2003. A founding member of Fresh Ground Comics, with whom he won a Dirty 30 Award in 2004, Michael continues to write and perform stand-up comedy, performing weekly at ComicKaze!, a show he founded in 2008 (coughMonday nights at the Barking Kudu in Lakeviewcough). His earliest comic influences were Weird Al Yankovic and Douglas Adams. His own first attempt at comedy, at age 12, involved a joke about condoms told in front of his parents and their friends, at which point he was sent outside to think about what he'd done.

Michael was asked to leave the Mormon visitor's center in Salt Lake City after jumping a rope to have his picture taken with the 40-foot animatronic Jesus.
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