...that one show where they make fun of news and politics, but it's just about Birmingham. And it's like that other show with all of the sketches on Saturday nights, but it's shorter and it's on Sundays around dinnertime. And it's like that one news show with hot guy with the silver hair, only funnier (or like the other one with the fat guy with the pink face, only less funny). It's a little bit like that show where the guy watches Internet videos all the time, only with a lot more original content. And it's kind of like that show you've been wanting to make yourself, because God knows there's plenty to laugh about—and laugh at—in the Magic City.

We're a smart, incisive, funny look at everything to love—and hate—about Birmingham. We explore the people, places, and subjects you've always wondered about, as well as the ones you don't know to wonder about yet (but you will, and then you'll stop wondering, because we'll tell you about them). News, politics, entertainment, culture—we poke affectionately at everything in the Magic City and immediate surrounds. And we're not afraid to jab viciously when we feel the occasion calls for it—because that's the only responsible thing to do—so when you see us coming, run.

Don't run. We're actually really nice people.

View of the City is like a weekly, half-hour, online comedy show about Birmingham. Exactly like that, really.